Rare and native grape varieties now get more and more attention from wine lovers all over the world. Many of them fell into oblivion over the centuries but we can still today enjoy wine from those varieties that were precious enough to be preserved in spite all the difficulties faced in their cultivation.
Grk is one of these - an ancient variety of white grape. It has been growing in the sandy vineyards of the village of Lumbarda on the island of Korčula for over two thousand years. We do not know whether it got its name from its refined bitter taste (grk means bitter in Croatian), or from the Greeks, who established a settlement in the area back in the 3rd century B. C. and brought their precious winemaking knowledge with them.

Among the white wines of Korčula and Pelješac, the best known is Pošip which is considered one of the top Croatian wines and almost always served at state and diplomatic banquets. It was proclaimed a famous wine in 1967. POSIP is an exceptionally dry wine of a golden color and a very pleasant aroma. The alcohol strength is about 14%. The vine from which this famous wine is produced is also called posip, but the best quality Pošip is obtained from the combination of 50% posip, 40% rukatac and 10% bratkovina. It is made in the cellar of the PZ Pošip in Čara, from grapes grown in the vineyards of Čarsko polje, one of the most beautiful landscapes on the island of Korčula. Alcohol content 12.0% vol.

Plavac mali is the most popular and economically important red wine grape variety in Croatia, and as such, unavoidable subject in any conversation or discussion about top-quality Croatian wines. The fact that plavac mali is a progeny, a child of Zinfandel, has contributed greatly to its popularity outside the borders of Croatia. The scientific knowledge led to the discovery of the Croatian roots of this popular American variety whose origins mystified the world for decades. Plavac mali is a grape variety of extraordinary potential, a variety that can produce excellent red wines, the best of which achieve an ideal marriage of the excellent grape characteristics and the climate in which plavac mali is grown. In spite of its great popularity and increased demand in recent years, the growing area of Plavac mali is limited by its own high requirements fur sun and warmth. It is middle and South Dalmatia, mostly on the peninsula of Pelješac, and on the islands of Hvar, Brač, Korčula, and Vis. Plavac mali is almost exclusively the variety for the Croatian southern winegrowing areas, including those finest vineyard sites that have made the plavac mali wines so famous. This is evidenced by the fact that its wines - Dingač, Postup and Ivan Dolac were the first to be recognized as premium Croatian red wines back in 60s.
Peninsula Pelješac is well know for the red wine from grape Plavac mali and the locations Postup, Dingač and Ponikve. Please find some information about this grape and wines bellow.
Our island is famous for white wines Pošip and Grk. Here you can find some information about the wines we are so proud of. Please take a short time to go through the history of these two famous grapes.
We will be glad to deliver any of the wines from our list to any location on Korčula or Pelješac (min.order 500 HRK. For deliveries in the town of Korčula there are no limits)